Episode 3: The Most Hated Man in Louisville


Mel Ignatow & Brenda Sue Schaefer, Source: YouTube.com

Welcome to Episode 3 of Crime Historian: the Podcast. I worked really hard to put together a detailed episode for you that chronicles the story of then 36-year-old Brenda Sue Schaefer and her unfortunate demise in Louisville, Kentucky in 1988. Brenda was killed by ex-boyfriend, Mel Ignatow, but not before being kidnapped, raped, sodomized, and tortured by him first. Much to Louisville’s dismay, Mel was acquitted of the murder. However, after an incredible discovery six months later in October of 1992, he was proven to be the killer…only nothing could be done about it: double jeopardy saved him, and the town was infuriated.


Listen to Episode 3 to learn about Brenda, how she became entangled with Mel Ignatow, how the trial proceeded, and Ignatow’s own coincidental but karmaic ending by going here: https://soundcloud.com/user-293072616/episode-3-the-most-hated-man or listening on iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/crime-historian/id1152728489?mt=2) or your favorite podcast app. Thanks!


Meet Your Crime Historian.

Here we go! It’s the beginning of the #31days challenge. I have a special group of online friends that introduced me to this challenge, and I’m so excited to partake in it! Every day throughout the month of October, I will post about a specific crime that fascinates me. I will always do my best to respect the victims in each situation, and I will strive to stay considerate as much as possible. However, sometimes the gruesome details just can’t be left out. If that bothers you, find a light-hearted read elsewhere. This will be heavy.

 A few things about me.

1) I have been blogging since way back when they still called it by its original term–‘weblogging’ This is the part where you call me a hipster and I pretend to be offended but secretly revel in the label.

2) I struggle with consistency in blogging, so this challenge is going to kick my tail into gear and get me writing about a topic that fascinates me.

3) I am sort of obsessed with crime. I interject stories of crimes into casual conversations, and apparently this freaks people out. Even though I’m working on a Master’s in Education, I have 30 hours of undergrad criminal justice classes under my belt. I am intrigued by criminal theory, specifically victim precipitation and delinquency theories.

Let’s do this,

The Crime Historian