Episode 6: The Trinity Murders

Scott Christopher Nelson -Richard Stephenson

Scott Christopher Nelson and Richard David Stephenson (Source: cncpunishment.com)

Episode 6 of Crime Historian: the Podcast is a full length episode that tells the story of the Trinity Murders, named for the school the victims attended. Scott Christopher Nelson and Richard David Stephenson, two high school juniors, were kidnapped, raped, and murdered on their way to a high school football game in 1984. This happened in my hometown of Louisville, Kentucky and has haunted me ever since I first heard the story.

Little did the boys know, they would not reach their destination. When they got lost and stopped to ask for directions, they were taken advantage of by Victor Taylor and George Wade who forced them to drive to an abandoned parking lot. They would not make it out of that situation alive, and now one perpetrator is serving life in prison while the other awaits a death sentence.

Head on over and listen to episode 6 here: https://soundcloud.com/user-293072616/episode-6-trinity-murders or on your favorite podcast app.


6 thoughts on “Episode 6: The Trinity Murders

  1. George Wade and Victor Taylor were “not” cousins that is a wikipedia’s misprint. They were drug/theiving buddies nothing more. Ardella Court is not a residential area now it’s still a slum. “Both” boys were sodomized. In court however they only had enough physical evidence to make the charge of sodomy for Scott Nelson. Victor Taylor told his cellmate Jeffery Ira Brown that he and Wade both sodomized both boys however. This was testified to in court. Not trying to rain on your project, but facts are paramount. There are many real time articles and case documents online that will give a much better picture of this crime which as you said was heinous, it shook our community to its core when this happened. I’m from Indiana and it was ultra shocking here as well. A really good 3-4 page expo in the Courier dated July 6, 1986 titled “A DEADLY GAME” is a great piece with allot of information about both Taylor and Wade. When you read this you will be mind blown that Victor Taylor was walking the streets at the time this happened. Read the piece and you will understand…


    • Hi Charles, thank you for your comments and additional information. I love Wikipedia as a starting point, but I always check out the footnotes. As an English teacher, citations are very important to me. Lol 🙂

      The comment you mentioned about the mother listening to the police scanner… that’s pretty heartbreaking.

      I appreciate you taking the time to listen and add what you know.


  2. Also Wade’s family members did not turn him in. I’m not certain we’re that r rr came from but I have seen it on wikipedia’s as well. The police were onto both men immediately as suspects but did publicly state this until their arrest 4 days later. They did find Victor Taylor girlfriend in bbn possession ofvone boys jacket as well as his brother in law wearing Scott Nelson’s blue jeans.


  3. Cecil Pepper and Dino Barr Pace followed the car because they seen them abducted at gunpoint. They lost them however when Taylor told them to pull down a side alley on Clay Street. They were taken there first stripped and robbed before being taken to Ardella Ct. According to Wade they were at that point going to leave them tied up there and just take the car, but decided against this because houses nearby may hear them. Ardella was much more secluded and Taylor and Wade had been taking people there and robbing them for weeks prior to these murders. Also Wade only recanted his statement after he was ordered to “serve out” his sentence. In Ky there is no life w/o parole only life or life with parole after 25 years. Wade got life which afforded him parole opportunities after 7 years. He was eligible for parole in 1991. In 1997 however the parole board ordered him to serve out which means he will never get another hearing and will be incarcerated for life (only the 5th time in Ky history an inmate has been ordered to serve out a life sentence). He recanted his statement afterward out of spite and to assist Taylor’s Death Penalty issues. Both men are guilty as sin and Taylor was no doubt the trigger man. If you look into his supreme court filings there is a 197 page recorded document that goes over “everything” in great detail, each witness, all of Victor Taylor’s ridiculous appeals etc.. etc.. the information you are interested in is there. It’s to much for me get into obviously, but I hope you find the time to check it out. One last thing which is very sad is that Scott Nelson’s mother would sleep at night listening to a police scanner ( big thing back then) 1980’s crime nerds I guess you could say. Any how she was awoken at around 3:30 am the morning the boys were murdered to hear on the scanner that “her” cars (which Scott was driving) licences plate being ran. Scott was due home at midnight and when he didn’t come home his father drove to Scott’s grandpa’s and also to Richard’s house looking for them and at this time was up waiting because he was so late (being a parent) I’m certain scared and worried sick. They called the police station after she heard this thinking he had gotten a ticket maybe, but were told only to stay there and that detectives were on there way to their residence. The despair they had to have felt at that point is unimaginable.


  4. In regards to Heffert Brown (Jail House Lawyer) a jail house lawyer is no more than anbinmaye that most consider to be well versed in the legal processes through either experience or personal research. They are not lawyers this no confidentiality exists. They are just court wise inmates.


  5. I just realized you have the document I mentioned listed on your sight. It’s allot to digest reading it, but all of the questions you raise on the podcast are pretty well covered within that document. Also there is allot of information in the Courier Journal archives from the time of each trial that helps paint a much fuller picture of the events.


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