Episode 1: Daniel Lee Siebert, the serial killer that terrorized Talladega

originalEpisode 1 of Crime Historian: the podcast features a serial killer named Daniel Siebert. During his run, he murdered between 12-13 people (he personally couldn’t remember) including two victims that were formerly attributed to Los Angeles’ South Side Slayer.

The reason this story (quite literally) hits home for me is because several of his murders occurred in a rural town, Talladega, Alabama, where I once lived and still maintain strong family ties.

Furthermore, Siebert is not a serial killer whose name is often uttered. When most of us think about serial killers, we think about Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, or John Wayne Gacy. When I began researching Siebert a couple years ago, I was surprised to learn there was in fact a serial killer I hadn’t heard of and that he had actually rented an apartment from my husband’s grandfather. It was too eerie not to look into.

When most people think about Talladega, they think about NASCAR. Unfortunately, there is a much darker past lurking in the shadows (both in regards to criminality–and, unfortunately—history). Listen to episode one if you want to hear about Daniel Siebert’s trek from L.A. to Talladega and his unfortunate victims, including 24 year old Sherri Weathers and her two young sons, Chad and Joey.

Please, listen to the first episode and then rate it on iTunes! 🙂



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7 thoughts on “Episode 1: Daniel Lee Siebert, the serial killer that terrorized Talladega

  1. My name is Melissa Rae (HURST) Harvell my father was Captain W.E. ( PeeWee) Hurst of TALLADEGA Al. I am absolutely angered with the fact of my dad and Captain of the Detective Decision for many many years and at the time of Seiberts arrest is never mentioned. Except of course in the old newspaper articles and court transcripts not to mention I own a picture of my dad and Seibert n two more officials getting off the plane with Seibert. My dad died in 22005.And of course has been so obviously forgotten by the town and its officers and civilians he so tried to keep safe. But I guarantee Daniel Seibert remembered him till his Fortunate Demise. In fact if you would like to see that photo just email me or FB me better yet my number is 256 368 1280


  2. I was a detective in St. Charles Parish Louisiana and investigated John Francis Willie and Judith Walters for the murder of Kathy Mickenheim in the Bonnet Carre Spillway. I worked with the FBI Serial Killer Task Force. The only reason they were not charged in St. Charles Parish was because of the death sentence Willie received in the Nicole Lopatta case and life sentence in Florida.


    • Thanks for your comment. I don’t remember the Mickenheim case specifically, but I will definitely research it. Thank you so much for stopping by and for serving your community!


      • In episode 4.
        You are laughing and joking with a friend! I find this extremely disrespectful of victims and their families! You totally lost me and I will never listen to your podcasts again!


      • I am assume you are not familiar with or a fan of the true crime comedy genre. I understand it doesn’t appeal to all. Since this particular friend is the one who introduced me to such media, I felt it appropriate to invite him on to discuss a crime occurring in real time. Apologies if this came across as offensive or if this doesn’t appeal to you.


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