Meet Your Crime Historian.

Here we go! It’s the beginning of the #31days challenge. I have a special group of online friends that introduced me to this challenge, and I’m so excited to partake in it! Every day throughout the month of October, I will post about a specific crime that fascinates me. I will always do my best to respect the victims in each situation, and I will strive to stay considerate as much as possible. However, sometimes the gruesome details just can’t be left out. If that bothers you, find a light-hearted read elsewhere. This will be heavy.

 A few things about me.

1) I have been blogging since way back when they still called it by its original term–‘weblogging’ This is the part where you call me a hipster and I pretend to be offended but secretly revel in the label.

2) I struggle with consistency in blogging, so this challenge is going to kick my tail into gear and get me writing about a topic that fascinates me.

3) I am sort of obsessed with crime. I interject stories of crimes into casual conversations, and apparently this freaks people out. Even though I’m working on a Master’s in Education, I have 30 hours of undergrad criminal justice classes under my belt. I am intrigued by criminal theory, specifically victim precipitation and delinquency theories.

Let’s do this,

The Crime Historian

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